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Engaging Nanny: Long term, full charge active nanny who performs many duties including engaging the children in interesting activities such as getting them out to the local park, zoo, book store story times, arranging play dates, interactive toddler classes , driving kids to school & after school activities, preparing healthy meals for the children. In addition, we can present nanny candidates who will perform varying degrees of household errands and chores. If you have two or more children we will be certain to send only candidates with references showing they can handle more than one child at the same time.

Live in- Nanny: We place nannies who will live in your home. The average live- in nanny is provided private room/bathroom accommodations (might share bathroom with child). In some cases families will provide private apartment/suites for the nanny, either built in the home or a property located nearby the home. Generally, live- in nannies work more flexible hours than come and go nannies. Some live -in nannies will work longer hours than others. On the average they will work five days but some will work six days. The norm is usually Monday to Friday or Tuesday to Sunday. There are some live- in nannies willing to work weekends (Wednesday through Sunday). *Live in nannies are a smaller pool and search times can vary.

Combo Nanny/Housekeeper/House manager: This "do it all" nanny who crosses over into house manager /housekeeper realm of chores is popular among families whose children are growing older and beginning to attend school either part of the day or all day. Aside from performing all the typical and traditional child care duties such as engaging the kids, cooking and driving them to and from school and activities, this nanny also performs house manager/ housekeeper tasks such as grocery shopping, cleaning, pet care, laundry and more. Some Combo nannies are willing and capable of taking on all the detailed deep cleaning of the home while others will do more household maintenance in between weekly cleaning service.

Nanny for Newborn: One of our specialties is placements with newborn babies. We take special care in presenting only those candidates who are seasoned in infant care with strong newborn experience /references/background. Often new parents request that we send candidates who can share their seasoned knowledge as well as answer concerns and queries new parents may have about baby care along with various stages of growth and development.

Baby Night Nurse: We place "night" nannies who can work with newborns, preemies and premature twins.

Twin & Multiple Nanny Specialist: Nannies who are pros in handling more than one infant of the same age at the same time. Our twin /multiple experts can eventually help work toward putting your baby twins/multiples on a schedule i.e. naps at the same time, waking up together, feeding at the same time.

After School/ All American college Nanny/Gopher: Another popular placement is the all American education college major or college graduate student or recent college grad who works after school shift hours. These cost efficient candidates with strong nanny/babysitting background/references all through college serve a wide range of duties including picking the kids up from school (they often have their own safe vehicles), driving them to activities, tutoring the kids with homework, cooking dinner and or food prep. In addition, they also take on other house manager/ household tasks such as grocery shopping, pet care, errands, laundry and cleaning chores.

Teacher /Education Major Nanny: All American certified teachers or recent college graduates or education graduate students with strong nanny backgrounds/references can be your full time nanny. All the versatility of a full charge nanny except this trained educator brings many advantages to your child. Great for school aged children or those with special learning problems or to just give your little one a jump start in learning. They are willing to do varying degrees of house manager & household tasks. Some candidates seek to leave the teaching profession and will commit long term. The majority, however, will commit for only one year but many parents enjoy enriching their child's life each year with an art major, music major, math, science , or English creative writer major, etc.

Two Shift Before & After School Nanny: Oftentimes we place flexible nannies who are close in location to your home and willing to do a two shift duty which includes an early morning A.M. shift (dress the child, breakfast, transport to school) and then return for an afterschool P.M. shift in which she or he typically picks the children up from school, drives them to after school activities and engages them, may help with homework, feeds them dinner. This search is very intense as there is a smaller pool of candidates willing to do this type of schedule. **Helpful note: If you increase the hours to full time by adding house manager tasks then the pool of candidates broadens.

Special Needs Nannies: We have a pool of nannies experienced in caring for special needs children with Autism, ADHD, learning / speech delays, hearing loss, diabetes, hypoglycemia & other issues, including severe delays.

Bi- Lingual Nanny: Want your kids to learn a second language? We can help make it happen! We place bilingual nannies. The most popular are Spanish/English. Some parents have the nanny speak only Spanish around the baby or older children while others prefer the nanny engage the children in English with some Spanish play/downtime learning exposure. We also place Spanish live- in nannies who speak only Spanish. All European languages are available. * Note that French/bilingual search times can vary.

College Summer Nannies: Teachers and recent college grads or education majors can fill the bill by engaging the kids for the summer holidays! All American college candidates with camp counselor or/swimming lessons/ background as well as child care references from private families.

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